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Craving some world travel? Here are 30+ virtual dance classes to stream

Two of my favorite things of all time are traveling and dancing. But I can’t go on any big trips right now because of the pandemic. And in normal times we can’t always hop on a plane to Tahiti or Egypt at the first tug of a travel itch.

But we CAN have delight-filled dance experiences from cultures all over the world at the tap of our fingertips.

To make it easy for you to travel at home with your feet I’ve compiled this list of 30+ dance classes to check out.

Some of these classes are on-demand. I love the high-energy choreography from the platform Bollyx, which combines Bhangra and Bollywood dancing.

Other classes are live on Zoom. Highland Hustle had me hopping, clapping, and smiling along with an instructor in Scotland and 12 other dancers in their respective Brady Bunch boxes at 9:30am.

If you’re looking for a special treat – Jean Appolon is offering his Saturday Haitian dance class online during the pandemic. He’s a Boston-based dancer and has been teaching at the Dance Complex in Cambridge for many, many years. His Saturday class is always full and is a hub of community and joy for Haitian culture and all those who are interested in it.

Let me know in the comments

  • which class you tried and how you liked it
  • another virtual dance class or studio that isn’t listed here
  • a dance style that we should know about

I’m planning to write more about these classes over time, but you don’t have to wait to shake your boombsey!


Highland Hustle | Check it out
KeltaFit | Check it out


Bollyx | Check it out


Rinaorellana Flamenco | Check it out
LS Flamenco | Check it out
Estudio Flamenco | Check it out
El Flamenco Sevilla | Check it out
Flamenco Bites | Check it out


Jean Appolon Expressions | Check it out


Sharqi Dance (Belly Dance) | Check it out
Discover Belly Dance | Check it out
Iana Dance Belly Dance | Check it out


Dirt Road Dancing | YouTube tutorials | website
Country Fusion | Check it out
Frumba | Facebook


Gaga | Check it out
Israeli Dance | Check it out
Israeli Folk Dance | Check it out
Israeli Folk Dance Institute | Recorded videos/on-demand

West Africa

Kukuwa Fitness – Move Your Boombsey | Check it out
Cumbe Dance | Check it out
Alvin Ailey | Check it out
Djoniba | Check it out


Balkan Folk Dance with Roberto Bagnoli | Check it out


My Hipline live class | Check it out
Alvin Ailey | Check it out
Bella Diva Dance | Check it out


Dance East K-Pop | Check it out
Hip Shake Fitness K-Pop | Check it out


Hālau Kalama Dance Studio | Check it out
Bella Diva World Dance | Check it out
Super Hero Hula | Check it out

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