4 Social Justice Supplements To Heighten Your Seder Experience

The Passover story is steeped in themes of social justice. It’s a story about liberation. About standing up for the oppressed. About the choices people in power make and the consequences that arise when those choices are rooted in exploitation and cruelty.

These themes make the seder an ideal time to put ourselves in the shoes of people who are fighting for the right to live in safety and dignity today. How do we relate to people who are struggling? How do we want to include diverse perspectives in our seder and our lives?

These 4 supplements offer ways to contemplate and illuminate these areas of social justice. Print out a copy or share digitally, and these readings will seamlessly flow into your seder rituals.

Hunger Inequality Fifth Question


Mazon’s fifth question urges us to consider the question of unequal access to food faced by so many in our communities. This question is especially relevant this year, as the blight of food insecurity has been worsened by the pandemic.

What to do: Read this supplement after the Four Questions

Ten Plagues of Housing Injustice


The Ten Plagues of Housing Injustice is concise and eye-opening to the afflictions that spawn from housing insecurity.

What to do: Before reciting the customary Ten Plagues, take 10 drops of wine from your glass while somebody recites this supplement. Then continue into the reading of the Ten Plagues of Egypt.

The Five Women of the Exodus


Despite the fact that five women are integral to the story of the Book of Exodus, not one of them is named in the traditional Haggadah. National Council of Jewish Women is proud to offer a new way to honor these five heroines: Shifra, Puah, Yocheved, Batya, and Miriam, and to bring the lessons of their bravery into your celebration of Passover. ~Passage directly from the NCJW supplement

What to do: Recite before the blessing for each of the Four Cups of Wine.

#BlackLivesMatter Racial Justice Haggadah Supplement


Since the summer of 2020, after years, decades, and centuries of tragedy and trauma assaulting BIPOC, we in the US are reckoning on a large, societal level with systemic racism – learning and acting on the work of anti-racism.

This Haggadah supplement adds important questions and parallel narratives throughout all parts of the seder experience. 

During the seder, it is said that we do not simply tell a story from our past, a historical event, but rather we are transported back to Egypt and live through the Exodus ourselves. By integrating these passages of learning and discussion into your seder, you can immerse yourself in anti-racist work within the framework of our experiential tale of liberation.

What to do: Follow the supplement’s Table of Contents to add readings throughout the length of your seder.


Plagues Project


It’s our 2nd year of socially distant seders, and many of us are asking ourselves – what does it mean to be celebrating another Passover in a plague year? 

This series looks at the concept of plague from a variety of lenses: core text, contemporary lenses, history, and contemporary art and literature, such as Steven Zeitchik’s drash on Plagues in Hollywood. 

This video series is epic. The 34 videos are snackable, averaging 14 minutes each, and you can pop around and watch whichever catches your fancy, whether it’s 1 or 21.

Are you asking yourself how to understand the intensity, change, and even innovation happening during our plague year? This multi-faceted diamond of discussion will fan your fires, make you think, and give you insights into this exact question.

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